Six Steps to a Happier Morning Routine

Do you ever feel like your mornings are rushed and your day gets off to a rocky start? Or maybe you don’t struggle with being rushed, but with creating purpose and direction to your day. Being intentional with your morning routine will set the tone for the rest of your day. Here at Cohesive Home, we believe there are six crucial steps to creating a happier morning routine.


One of the best ways to kick off a more intentional morning is to wake up before the rest of your family to enjoy a few quiet moments alone. This habit actually needs to start the night before with going to bed at a reasonable time--you know your body best, so make sure you set aside the hours you need to feel rested and prepared to take on a full day. Waking up fresh in the morning will set the mood for the rest of your day, impact the way you interact with your family and work, and allow you to have the energy to create and be present in the moment.

We all have a finite amount of energy each day and let’s be honest, coffee will only take us so far! Once you’re in the habit of waking up a wee bit earlier than the rest of your family, what can you do for YOU to make your day better? Some of our favorite ideas are:

MOVE | take 15-20 minutes to do yoga or a quick workout, dance in the kitchen or walk around the neighborhood

CREATE | write, sketch or make something with your hands

EXPRESS | pray, meditate, give thanks, journal or write letters to old friends

Whatever you choose to do, do it with all your heart and enjoy the few minutes you have to yourself to do something that brings you absolute joy. When you’re in the thick of a busy day, you’ll know that you already took care of your own needs first, making it a smidge easier to then take care of others.

Moment of truth here: what’s the first thing you consume in the morning? If you start with coffee or soda, can we kindly suggest something a bit more gentle? Start your morning with a HUGE glass (or glasses) of room temperature water with fresh lemon. This combo is so simple, but will help your body wake-up naturally and prepare for breakfast. Save your morning cuppa to drink with breakfast or after--bonus points for getting more sleep at night and drinking less caffeine!

The next morning habit is to simplify your breakfast. Beyond making sure your breakfast is nutrient-dense and will fuel you for the day, it’s okay if you and your family eat mostly the same things every day. Less choices to make means an easier morning, and we could all use that! Consider prepping your breakfast the night before to make the morning even simpler.

But beyond what you eat, consider adding a ritual to your breakfast time together--whether it’s a prayer, a moment of gratitude or silence, or setting intentions for the day. When we take the time to be present with one another first thing in the morning, we are communicating that our family time matters.

Are you a neat-freak or creatively messy? Sometimes the craziness of life can mean that even a minimalist home can get messy fast. We are trying to be more intentional about cleaning our homes as we go throughout our days and this starts first thing in the morning.

After waking, take a minute to quickly make your bed, open the curtains or blinds, and pick up any loose stuff around the room. Wash dishes as you cook and after breakfast to keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free. After you get ready in the morning, consider grabbing a load of laundry to wash before heading out on your day. Also, the less stuff you own, the less there is to clean, so declutter regularly as a way to add order and simplify your mornings.

We saved the toughest morning tip for last because, to be honest, we’re a bit intimidated by it ourselves! But we think a big part of an intentional morning is putting the phones aside and leaving the TV off until all the morning rituals are completed. Our families need us to be present and connect first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day. But too often we check our email and Instagram in bed, and all of the noise of the internet can dominate the morning. Here’s the truth: it can all wait. Take care of yourself and your family FIRST and tend to the tech stuff later.

We know how hard it is to create new morning habits, but we promise that it will be worth it! So tonight think about going to be earlier than usual and preparing to kick off tomorrow with purpose, crafting a happier morning. You’ve got this!

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