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Photo Credit: Jessica Collins of My Tribe Photography

Tell us a little about you and your family.

We are the Beims HIVE.  This name was an honest attachment, in truth, because many mispronounced our name for years with a long 'e' rather than 'i', associating us with a Bee HIVE reference. It happens. ;)  It suits us though, and through the years we have naturally formed an entire lifestyle from the symbolic reference in style, living, and community in many ways.  The HIVE has been a perfect symbol for us, in other words.

Our HIVEhome consists of five exuberant creatively bent extreme blessings.   Nevaeh (11)  is our old soul, she speaks volumes in poetry, dance, and visual art.  Asher is nine and our STEM and history trivia expert.  Much like his father, he loves information of all kinds.  Aurora (7) is a bright diva and knows it.  She has more energy and enthusiasm in her miniature being than some in a lifetime.  Titus (6) is quiet, yet spirited, and dare I say stubborn?  And Micaiah (3), is pure sunshine, and the family dotes, we won't lie. We are a happy home, but not without the reals of life.  The reals certainly exist.

Spending time together creating, dreaming, adventuring/traveling, and eating are at the top of our list for family time. To our joy, we have procured foodie friends, and our favorite moments are around an abundant savory spread, exploring and traveling in a new space, creating and discovering musically and/or visually, and dreaming...we are big dreamers. As home educators, we have the pleasure of spending a lot of time with our kids.  However, it still seems so fleeting.  They are growing, evolving, and changing right before our eyes.  Life is abundant to say the least, and we are certainly blessed.

What's your design philosophy and how have you used that to create your home?

I often refer to our style as comfortable minimalism.  I love the blend of modern design with traditional concepts.  Design is poetry to me, and I want spaces to speak.  Therefore, it is very important that the items in those space serve a purpose as well as a meaning.

Our personal style has been a journey, as I think it should for most. Our way of living and our approach to design has changed through the years as we have transitioned and changed.  Less is more is definitely my mantra, though not in child-rearing, obviously, and I still go through fazes of collecting.  It depends on the season: for example, I still have five straw purses from a few years back that I think are beautiful and will soon be a gallery wall, but in reality, who needs five straw purses - handmade or not.   

That said, having seven under one roof can accumulate, but we have a consistent 'pattern of purge.' (It seems music should follow that phrase.)  Let's face it, to maintain my sanity and clarity, I need the ability to tidy my space, and minimalism was a necessity as our family grew in many ways, and we agree with the philosophy as well as the aesthetic.  I've designed our home according to who we are and our priorities.  

The kitchen is central to how we operate and fellowship. For example, we brought down a wall to make sure that space was foremost.  The white hexagon wall is cohesive with our brand but also our promise of healthy, wholesome HIVE homemade sustenance to come from that dwelling space.  The white wall, even the vent, is symbolic of infinity and clarity in my mind's eye, if one wants to be technical.  ;)  

Even our utensils represent this poetic design perspective as one will see clean modern useful tools coupled with hand-made stone mocahetes and hand-woven utensils (I have a thing for textures) that tell a story far beyond our walls and into our history.  

How would you describe your family's values (or family culture) in a sentence or two?

Our family culture is lively and striving for honesty, I would say.  I mean that in that we want who we are inside our walls to be the same as who we outside those walls.  It may sound silly, but that isn't always easy or even normal, it seems.  We are not worried about being normal, however.  We'd like for our living to be authentic, creative, kind and inspiring if I had to be even more concise.

What attracted you to living simply and how has it benefited your family? 

Necessity.  As mentioned above, with each addition to our family our structure and function had to evolve.  I would also say, my compulsion to create my space in accordance with our living poetry influenced us to live simply.  Our budget was an influence as well, and often births the greatest creative influence to work with what you have OR do not have.

We do not have a couch, for example.  We haven't had one for over five years, and I'm not in any hurry, apparently, to get one.  Ha.  Some people think that is crazy, and others do not notice.  In our current living space our living room functions as our creative studio and a couch doesn't fit in that vision at the moment.  It just happens to not be a priority right now, and guess what?  We don't really miss it, and have lived fully and happily without it.  Though we didn't have a couch in our previous home either during extensive renovations on our first HIVEhome. 

I could talk or write volumes on this topic, poetically, it has made us stay aware and ponder on the many global households that do without modern luxuries such as sectionals or televisions and live simply and happily.  It reminds us often that things do not make us happy, but our purpose does.  If a couch were to be inserted into our living space, where would we dance, practice ensembles, do family yoga, or play relays on a cold/windy day?  
Not that we won't have a couch one day, or that we would not enjoy one in our home - simply put, it isn't a priority at the moment. :)

What do you love best about your home and why?

Our kitchen and backyard.  The two go together as the windows from the kitchen look out into the back.   I love when indoor spaces connect with the outdoor spaces, and therefore, I often lean to mid-century design.  Our backyard is not beautifully landscaped, and it took months to clean it from ill repair as this house was vacant for some time before us.  No matter, sunlight and the color green make us alight.

As I said, the kitchen is our central hub and dwelling space.  It is open and without upper cabinets.  It's a clean, functional, and free space where hands kiss and hearts pray. It's not void of creativity, but organic in it's modern tendency.  I love that that which is living is what adds color to the space - whether it be bright berries, or happy hands alighting dinner prep - the color is definitely the life, and the living truly dwell here.

Mother of five and wife to one, Andea K. Beims spends her time between the sometimes chaotic but always creative reals of life.  

As a home educator, serial creative + entrepreneur founding HIVEhome and HIVEhomemarket, she pursues her passions with her family - including, but not limited to, art/design, health, creative movements, truth + social justice, and supporting authentic people doing authentic things.

You can find her on Instagram @hive_home or on her website, also check out her online market