01: Get To Know Cohesive Home

COHESIVE HOME PODCAST EPISODE 1 | Overflowing closets and jam-packed schedules? Minimalism is for everyone; learn how we kicked our clutter to the curb and simplified our homes and schedules for happier family life.


We’re kicking off our premiere episode with a look at how we became minimalists, our journey toward creating Cohesive Home, and how you can start living with intention right now. Grab something hot to drink and gather around for a short chat with us!

1:20:  Melissa and Kate discuss how they discovered minimalism and began to implement it.

2:15: Why Melissa doesn’t like the word “minimalism”

3:30: Storyline Conference and the origins of Cohesive Home

6:00: Living simply is more than decluttering your home, it’s about living with intention

6:50: Using technology judiciously

8:15: Thinking about values

Cohesive Home Podcast music was created by Kirk Saffle and produced by Steve Hendershot, creator and podcast host of Cedar Cathedral.