02: Generational Clutter

COHESIVE HOME PODCAST EPISODE 2 | Supersized storage units and grandma's china collection: reclaiming your home and life from generational clutter.


In Episode 2 we’re chatting about family heirlooms, the real reason why storage units are a bad idea, and handling the guilt and emotions that often enter our homes with the unwanted items. In the latter half of the episode, we also chat about our kids’ paper clutter, how we secretly deal with it, and of course, mom guilt. Find a cozy spot, grab a hot drink, and pop on your headphones--you’ll love this episode!


1:15: Kate brings up a Washington Post article she read about generational clutter.

1:55: Melissa shares that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of storage unit space in the United States...say what?

2:45: Find a balance between saying yes to family items you absolutely love and saying no to what you don’t. Don’t let the value of what you love get lost in the clutter.

3:50: Melissa suggests taking photos of family items before getting rid of them. Store them digitally on your computer or in a physical album.

4:30: Kate recommends keeping just one item from a collection rather than all of them.

5:00: Melissa and Kate laugh about whether or not to turn away free stuff from Mom and Dad.

6:15: Don’t let others use your home as a storage unit.

8:00: What should we do with our kids’ paper clutter? Kate and Melissa share their tips and also recommend using an app to digitize their papers such as Artkive.

8:53: Melissa’s daughter Holland sneaks in while Melissa is in the middle of confessing that she recycles her kids papers. Oops!

9:40: Don’t overwhelm your kids someday with EVERYTHING from their childhood. Focus on the highlights and make a plan now for how to deal with the kid clutter.

10:50: Kate reminds you to “make peace with the past, declutter and digitize old memories, and choose to enjoy the present moment, right now.”


Cohesive Home Podcast music was created by Kirk Saffle and produced by Steve Hendershot, creator and podcast host of Cedar Cathedral.