04: Tech and Kids

COHESIVE HOME PODCAST EPISODE 4 | "One more show, Mom!" Why taking intentional steps to reduce and monitor your kids' tech use will lead to a simpler and happier home.


In this episode, we’ll be chatting about being intentional with our kids’ tech use. Hang onto your headphones because we’re going to cover all the topics you really want to know about! Later on in the episode we’ll also answer some of your questions from the last two weeks on Instagram.

Part ONE: Kids and Technology

We chat about the American Academy of Pediatrics screen time recommendations, find them here.

Two recommendations for web monitoring and filtering programs: Net Nanny and Covenant Eyes


10:45: Part TWO: Community Q&A

We continue discussing the contentment series and comments and mention some of our favorites. @maye.berry offered some great insight and @ulla_5bites brings up the topic of perfect family photos.