03: Simplifying Tech

COHESIVE HOME PODCAST EPISODE 3 | Glued to your phone? Minimize your tech use and find sanity in your daily life through these practical tips.


In this episode, we’ll be chatting about being intentional with technology in our homes. Later on in the episode we’ll turn the tables and answer a question we gave on contentment, as well as share answers from you! 

Part ONE: intentionally using technology

1:00 community question from @elizabethjanean

5:00: ways to reduce tech use and be present with family and friends

6:05: Melissa wants a landline....does anyone even do that anymore?!

10:10: "Bottom line: find ways to turn off and ignore the tech, connect with your family and friends without your phone in hand, and take regular digital fasts."--Melissa

10:45: Part TWO: Community Q&A, our new podcast feature

15:45: We share Instagram comments from: Emily @emyalings; Mary @fraustrecker; @momazine; Chanan @chanan.emmons; Charlie @charliervthereyet; Sarah @ms_boompty; @spacetomove. Thank you for sharing and make sure to comment on Instagram so we can feature you in an upcoming podcast!

19:30: "Our homes are for living in, but they are not showrooms." --Kate



Cohesive Home Podcast music was created by Kirk Saffle and produced by Steve Hendershot, creator and podcast host of Cedar Cathedral.