05: Family Traditions

COHESIVE HOME PODCAST EPISODE 5 | Do this daily: why simple rituals and traditions are the foundation of a cohesive home and will help your family to bond and make memories.

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EP 5 Shownotes

1:15--“family traditions are such a simple way to add value to our daily routines and seasonal celebrations.” --Kate

1:35--“Traditions don't have to be some huge thing. They can be small details to a season.”--Melissa

3:15--Refer to your family’s philosophy statement when creating traditions. Guide to writing one on the blog.

3:54--“What's cool about a tradition is the opportunity to create it will always come around again.”--Melissa

4:19--Try a test run of a new tradition you want to introduce and see how it goes over. Was it easy? Was it fun? Was their crying? Fighting? Or was it a good idea but maybe needs some tweaking? Over time you’ll craft it into what works best for your family.

5:50--“Be aware if traditions are becoming more of a burden than a joy. If making sure you have the "perfect" memory of a tradition is making you crazy then it's just not worth it.”--Melissa

9:35--Let your kids be involved in the process of creating new traditions; don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun, our time with our kids is too short.

10:05--“It’s far more important to be fully present and enjoy those moments rather than make them into something they’re not. Bottom line friends: identify your family’s values and interests, create new traditions around them, and let go of any traditions that don’t add happiness to your home.”--Kate

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Music created and performed by Kirk Saffle; produced by Steve Hendershot of Cedar Cathedral.