06: Simple Schedules

Cohesive Home Podcast : Simple Schedules

We’ve become a culture that talks about how busy we are, we let ourselves remain busy, and our schedules squeeze out the important.

The first step is being aware of everything that’s on your plate. It can be super frightening to actually make a list, but write down everything that’s on your schedule. You should probably also write down the stuff that crops up irregularly too. Guess how much time you spend on all of those activities and responsibilities and write that down too.

It’s easy to get caught up in the black and white of a job, to equate job worth with dollar signs, but your health, your sanity, and the happiness of your home cannot be quantified in dollar amounts. We don’t want to tell you what to do if you have a stressful job, but rather encourage you to think seriously about its impact on your life.

We make being busy and life as a juggling act something special because deep down we worry that an open schedule means a boring life. But free time is a luxury that we should all strive for.

Find ways to say no to the unnecessary. What commitments can you shed? People respect when you say no to an extra responsibility if you’re doing so to add more balance and space to your schedule.

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Music created and performed by Kirk Saffle; produced by Steve Hendershot of Cedar Cathedral.