07: Creating Cohesive Spaces

Cohesive Home Podcast Episode 7 | Creating Cohesive Spaces

Today we’re talking about the ideas and dreams that inspire you and how to incorporate them into your home.

Your home should be your sanctuary. Yes, home design does matter, but it’s more than paint colors and whether or not your home is modern or traditional. Choose pieces of furniture that do double or triple duty and tread lightly in our homes. Consider textiles and art that enhance our homes but don’t overwhelm the space.

Kate and Melissa chat about living small, “Little House on the Prairie,” and the homestead life. Kate shares about her family’s upcoming transition to a 675 square foot house, and Melissa confides her desire to incorporate ideas from her kids’ favorite book series into her home.

“It’s really intimidating to start something new, like making your own kefir or bread, but my philosophy for minimalism pours over into this part of my life too, I just start with one thing, then when I have that one done or feel ready to move on I add another thing.”--Melissa

Kate confesses her mad crush on Madsen cycles and how she wants one to ride around her small town. Check out Madsen cycles on Instagram @madsencycles.

Melissa talks about people within the CH community doing rad things to their homes or pursuing unique dreams. Amy Aldrete of @pinningnarwhals turned her living room into a library. Tessa Chittle is currently hosting a kickstarter to build a tiny house on her homestead as a tiny house rental in the Pacific Northwest. To contribute to it and support her vision, check out: thechittlehomestead.com/thefarmstay and @tessachittle on Instagram. To enter the giveaway of a free farmstay go to thechittlehomestead.com/TheFarmstayGiveaway.

Melissa announces a giveaway of 3 copies of the book “The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify,” by Francine Jay, author of the popular minimalism blog, Miss Minimalist. The giveaway ends Friday, April 29th at midnight CST.

Music created and performed by Kirk Saffle; produced by Steve Hendershot of Cedar Cathedral.