08: Parenting Today


If you’ve ever wanted to create a simpler, happier childhood for your kids and shift your family’s priorities in a new direction, today’s podcast is for you.

We really think with the invention of social media we have inadvertently put stress and social pressure on each other to have more, be more and definitely create a “don’t let our kids down” mentality.

Rather than focus on all the media hype and our fears, let’s talk about positive steps to take within our homes right now, no matter how old your kids are. We can panic and worry about so much, but we can also create the childhood we so absolutely desire for our kids.

Watch this Ted Talk about how parenting has become stressful for the modern parent; Jennifer Senior’s talk “For Parents, Happiness is a Very High Bar.”

We want to encourage you to think of the end goal and take some time to reflect on your hopes for your children. We have an article on cohesivehome.com that addresses this, so check it out.

Childhood is super important, but not in the way the media likes to cover it. The childhood we care about, when creating a cohesive home, is one that supports the child to be their most creative, curious, and loved self. If you work toward covering those three, the rest is just icing on the cake.

Some of you listening may be thinking, well how do I do that? How do I develop an environment that encourages creativity? Or what exactly do you mean by curious?  Often we think of creativity as being synonymous with being crafty, or a good artist, but it’s more than that. Creativity is dreaming big and exploring new ideas through all of the senses. And for those of you simplifying or already living as minimalists, you may worry that it’s difficult to support creativity and live simply. We are advocates for having a carefully selected and simple collection of toys. The less the better. We’ve talked before on instagram about simplifying kids spaces, and if you head over to our blog, we have all of it written up as a blog post.

Melissa talks about the one word that she uses to encourage her kids’ creativity: “Freedom. I don’t hover. I don’t try hard. I just let them be! If I need them to do something then I’ll ask and we will get it done. But for their creativity and imaginative play, that's theirs! Not mine! I can’t create something in their head that doesn’t want to be there.”

We want to encourage you to find small ways to give your children a taste of freedom in a way that you are comfortable with. Our kids need opportunities to test their limits and learn that they are strong and brave. We want them to be confident in themselves and not terrified of the world outside their house.

We both believe that speaking love into your kids hearts every single day is absolutely the most important thing you can do. Decluttering your home, traveling with your kids, giving them more freedom, none of that matters if they do not know that deep down they are loved unconditionally.

Bottom line today, friends: it’s not too late to create a simpler, happier childhood for your kids. Find ways to simplify your home to encourage creativity, get outdoors and let them have some freedom, and pour loads of unconditional love into their hearts.