28: Less But Better | Bathrooms

Cohesive Home Podcast- Less But Better: Bathrooms (minimalism, simplicity, values)

Simplifying our homes by choosing quality over quantity: in this episode, Melissa and Kate start a new series in which they chat about applying the philosophy of "less but better" to the family bathroom. The two share how they have simplified their bathrooms over the years and ways in which they are consciously choosing better products and avoiding consumerism. Kate and Melissa also share their love of Turkish towels and chat about a minimalist company worth checking into: the Bali Market. 

Talked about in this Episode: 

Concealer Melissa is currently using (and loving) from Hynt Beauty.

The Bali Market: Use offer code: cohesivehome for 20% off any order (yes this offer is still active!)

"Our towels take a basic necessity and make it joyful and beautiful. You use a towel everyday, might as well love the one you use!"


Thebalimarket.us  >>Turkish towels you will love!!