34: Minimalism 5 Years Later

Cohesive Home Podcast: Episode 34 - Minimalism, 5 Years Later

What does the practice of minimalism look like 5 years later? In Episode 34, Melissa and Kate kick-off the third season with a look back at their minimalism journeys. 
The two share what they got right, what they wish the had done differently, and the advice you need to know if you're just starting out simplifying. If you haven't already, listen to the very first episode to catch the backstory!

In this episode, the two mamas discuss how becoming minimalist has freed up their personal time and created more freedom within their schedules. They also open up about how being minimalist has made it possible for them and their families to go after big dreams and pinpoint their values.

Kate and Melissa also share what they wish they hadn't gotten rid of in a decluttering frenzy and how they would do things differently today. Melissa gives some thoughtful advice on the value of holding onto certain types of home goods and Kate gushes about a sentimental item she wishes she would've hung onto. 

In a more serious turn, the two share the advice they wish they would have had at the beginning of their minimalist journey and also dish about what their homes look like now.

Spoiler alert: NOT perfect minimalist abodes! 

Whether you're new to living simply or a seasoned minimalist, you will love this heartfelt and honest discussion between Kate and Melissa! 

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