37: How We Plan


We're back with a follow-up to our popular Episode 11: Planning. In this episode we share our favorite ways to plan and stay organized while raising kids and juggling all the things we do. We talk about how our ideas of organization and planning have changed since last year and what's new for each of us. Read on for more: 

Melissa loves her padfolio, which she got from Target, and making lots of To Do lists. You can find the same one here. Kate has ditched bullet journaling and lives by her Google calendar app, which syncs to her laptop and phone. More thoughts on organization and planning: 


  • Scheduling is like minimalism. Leave what brings your joy and get rid of the rest!
  • If you’re stressed by your day to day analyze and fix. Don’t wait
  • Being organized can make a world of difference on a day to day basis.


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