44: Back in the Saddle

episode 44 - cohesive home podcast

This episode was recorded from Melissa's Oklahoma bungalow and Kate's nomadic home on wheels so please excuse the ambient background rain. 

Melissa and Kate are back from their epic break and jumping back into the podcasting saddle with Episode 44 of the Cohesive Home Podcast. In this episode the two share what life was really like behind the scenes and why a break from the podcast was a necessity. They dig into the value of rest and share the major life lessons learned from taking a step back. If you've ever wondered if your life has become too hectic, this episode will give you the courage to put yourself and your family first!

Topics discussed:

--Kate and her family's transition to the full-time travel life

--The number one reason why Kate took a step back from her overscheduled life

--Kate shares the most crucial step to take to connect deeply with your kids

--Melissa shares her family's big news and what it was like to work through an uninspiring season of life

-- Why it's so important to find work you love and how this is changing Melissa and her husband's journey

--Where you'll find Melissa's family next summer and why it's crucial to not let go of your dreams

-- The value of deep rest and assessing your family's needs

-- The big dream that Kate and Melissa have for Cohesive Home and are going to make happen in 2019


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