45: For the Love of Homemaking


Has homemaking gotten a bad rap? In Episode 45 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Melissa and Kate tackle the meaning of the word "homemaker" and update it for today's home creators. They share their own personal experiences with homemaking and their top tips for creating a home of your own, whether you live in a physical home, an apartment, or even a home on wheel; it all counts! 

Covered in this episode:

*The qualifiers to being a homemaker (big hint: there are none!)

*Why you should embrace homemaking

*Melissa announces their new home choice and why it's the perfect one for their family

*Kate shares her greatest influence when it comes to her minimalist design sense

*Melissa talks about how she was raised versus how she runs her own home

*Tips for creating a home that is welcoming and fits your family

*Why you should outsource

*What's coming up this fall for Cohesive Home; a new series on intentional home design for raising families!

*Melissa is going back to school for aromatherapy! Contact her with questions or to simply talk oils. 

*Kate shares her new podcast and upcoming re-launch of The Streamlined Life offering coaching and resources to help mamas to thrive in motherhood; stay tuned for more!

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