46: Back to Fall Routines

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Homeschooling, planners, and fall routines for the win! Kate and Melissa are back fun and informative episode about how they are working the homeschooling in a small space life. Melissa shares about their transition to apartment living and Kate gives the lowdown on homeschooling in her home on wheels. The two also share their planner systems and how they organize their days. Read on for more.


In this episode:

-- Melissa shares their homeschooling curriculum and the places they homeschool during the day.

-- Kate real talks life in 200 sq. ft with three little kids and how she homeschools her 7 year old with a toddler underfoot.

-- How to REALLY homeschool simply if you’re short on space and time.

-- Free spirit Melissa’s super traditional way of tracking her days.

-- Kate’s rebellious planner side and the one system she just can’t quit.

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