48: The Nester


The Nester is in the (Cohesive) House! Join Kate and Melissa for a chat with Myquillin Smith, better known as the Nester, about how you can create your own Cozy Minimalist Home. You are going to love all of the tips and suggestions she offers.

In this episode:

Kate and Melissa share about one of their favorite podcasts: the Friendlier Podcast with Sarah Kopper and Abby Olena, a show in which two incredibly related moms share their favorite recipes, books, and chat about the most relevant topics. It’s like listening to a conversation between two great friends and feeling part of their welcoming community! You can find more here:

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Kate also shares about her newest venture, Streamlined Motherhood. Motherhood not filling your cup like you hoped? Wanting to actually thrive in motherhood instead of just survive? Kate is hosting her own podcast, offering resources, and 1:1 Motherhood Support Sessions to help you live a life that fills your cup! For more head here:

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Melissa now has a YouTube channel! In this episode, she shares about her latest project and how she is creating resources to help support you and your family’s wellness through healthier habits, tricks, and encouragement. Help her reach 100+ followers by the end of this weekend by heading here:

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Interview with the Nester: Melissa spends some time chatting with Myquillin Smith, author and entrepreneur with an eye for creating beautifully imperfect homes. Her latest book, Cozy Minimalist Home, guides readers to creating their own simple, but welcoming space. Where to find the Nester:

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