50: Jennifer Pepito

cohesivehome.com - episode 50 of the podcast, we interview Jennifer pepito, homeschool mom and entrepreneur.

For Episode 50 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, we're welcoming Jennifer Pepito: homeschooling mom of 7 and owner of Peaceful Press, a homeschooling curriculum and resource shop to the show. Melissa and Jennifer chat about seasons of life and knowing when it's time to make a change, along with the steps they took to make those changes with a large family. Why she chooses essentialism over minimalism and living intentionally as a family while still creating memories together during the holidays.

Even if you're not a homeschooling family, we think you'll be inspired by this conversation and walk away with a few ideas to shape your cohesive home! Stay tuned till the end when she shares a discount code for one of her amazing products. 

Connect with Jennifer:

Peaceful Press website and Instagram

Jennifer on Instagram