52: Goal Setting for the New Year


How do you goal set for the New Year? In Episode 52 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Kate and Melissa give you full access to their goal setting process by talking through 2019 LIVE. The two share their personal, family, and business goals as well as what worked and didn’t work in 2018. This episode is like sitting down with your girlfriends for a fun 2019 planning session; grab your paper and write down your goals too!

In this episode:

  • The major goal that Melissa knows she has to accomplish so she can meet her other goals

  • Why 2018 was Kate’s best year yet

  • MUTU - 12 week post-partum recovery program- mutusystem.com

  • How Kate plans to prioritize wellness in 2019 and the major mistake she’s made in the past

  • Melissa shares her family’s plans for 2019 and their next big move

  • Why Kate and her family are choosing to live tiny for 2019

  • Kate and Melissa’s business goals and how they hope to grow their side hustle.

  • You can find her candles at Blokeanddame.com

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