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Interview Series | Katrina Onstad: "The Weekend Effect"

Katrina Onstad, Canadian journalist and author of "The Weekend Effect" joins Kate on the podcast to chat about how to create a happier and more relaxed weekend. She shares the latest research as well as her own personal experiences, and you'll love this laid-back chat about the importance of a relaxed childhood for your kids, how to cut back on work AND be more productive, the value of getting out in nature, why being social (in person) matters, and more.



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Interview Series | Sew the Land

From California Dreaming to East Coast Homesteading: in this episode, Melissa chats with the family behind the homesteading blog and YouTube channel Sew the Land. In 2016, Lorraine, Jason, and their daughter, Penelope, moved cross-country from California to North Carolina in search of fertile land and a new dream. From working in the fashion industry and computer drafting to becoming new homesteaders, the couple has embraced a life of gratitude, minimalism, and connection to the land.

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Interview Series | Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders is a finance blogger, a minimalist, and the co-host of the Budget and Cents podcast. In 2011, she decided to get serious about paying off her 30,000 in debt and began blogging her progress. When she paid off the last of it in 2013, she further experimented with hacking her life by successfully completing a two year shopping ban, got rid of 75% of her belongings to live more simply, and started the podcast Budget and Cents with Carrie Smith.

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