12: Newbie Decluttering Tips

Welcome to Cohesive Home podcast Episode 12.  In this episode Kate and Melissa chat about how to begin the journey toward a simpler home, and share some of their favorite tips for decluttering and creating a home that supports your values. If you're a newbie to decluttering or need some fresh encouragement if you’ve been on that journey for awhile, this podcast episode is for you.


5 Top Tips to Start Decluttering

>Ignore the guides/books and start where feels right

>Setting a goal (hosting a yard sale, making a big donation on a certain date, raising money for a family vacation) will help motivate.

>Remember your values (and WHY you’re doing it.)

>Fill out the Cohesive Home Guide to Creating Your Family’s Philosophy

>Include your kids 100%, but get rid of YOUR things first (be the example.)

>Remember it’s an ongoing process not something that happens overnight. Be flexible and give yourself grace.

Kate and Melissa’s Favorite Books

>Joy of Less

>Simplicity Parenting

>Zero Waste Home (for the hardcore minimalist)


Favorite Blogs of REAL People Living Simply

>Sew the Land by Lorraine and Gilbert

>Birch and Pine by Kate Oliver

>5 Kids 1 Condo by Adrian Crook

>What if We Fly? by Rachael


Encouragement for your Minimalist Journey

>Don’t be afraid to be different. Live by your values and you will attract others who believe the same as you.

>Do what makes your family happy and allows you to achieve your goals.

>The longer you live simply, the more confident you will become in it, and inspire others with the way you live intentionally.

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