Q & YAY: 001

Cohesive Home Podcast : Q & YAY! 001

Join Kate and Melissa for the first ever Q & Yay, a short chat where the two answer a listener question, share what they're loving right now, and update you on all the latest Cohesive Home news. These super short episodes are the perfect kickstart to your weekend and will be posted every Friday! On this first episode, Melissa and Kate answer the question: “How can I edit my creative ideas so I’m not running into a rat race of my own creation?” Listen to the episode for the answer and read below for more!


  • Simplify your creative projects
  • Don't try to be in all the places
  • Read Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • TED talk by Cal Newport
  • Pick one creative project and give it your full attention for 30 days
  • Support the Cohesive Home Patreon!