Kate Saffle

Kate lives curiously and dreams big, writing plans into action at home and for Cohesive Home. She and her family recently bought a 675 square foot house in a small Lake Michigan beach town to practice living simply and to travel often. Kate plans the content schedule and writes for Cohesive Home in the fringe hours of her busy days at home with two little girls. She and her family explore often in a sweet Casita camper, trekking across the U.S. seeking adventures and new horizons.

Kate is an educator and writer of both academic and lifestyle publications. She is also an experienced public speaker, dabbles in photography, and is currently authoring her first children's chapter book.

You can find Kate on instagram @thestreamlinedlife. Or her blog TheStreamlinedLife.com

Melissa Risenhoover

Melissa is a creativity-driven free spirit that calls Oklahoma home, but recently returned from a year of traveling throughout Europe while living in Germany. As the mother of three home-schooled kiddos and the visual design backbone of Cohesive Home, Melissa is pretty awesome at juggling just about anything as long as a cup of coffee and her knitting needles are involved. She and her husband Brandon dream of spending a few months a year back in France visiting with friends and exploring the local culture.

Melissa is experienced in a variety of areas, including: radio and broadcasting, video and podcast editing, voice overs, public speaking, and graphic design.

You can follow Melissa on Instagram @melissarisenhoover



We believe that all families have a beautiful story woven into the DNA of their home. We believe that the home is the nucleus of that story and the center of a lifelong adventure together. We believe that living minimally--less stuff, less obligations, and less stress--creates a cohesive home. We believe in carefully choosing homes, jobs, schools, and activities that create freedom rather than burdens

Here’s the deal: we’re not professional organizers, psychologists, or life coaches. We’re just normal moms who grew tired of lives that felt like a too small shoe, desiring instead a beautifully simply life and home. We are lazy minimalists, and we’ve learned through experience how to simplify a family home AND keep the kids happy. We truly believe that getting rid of all of the clutter--physical and mental--allows the authentic version of your family to flourish. 

If you’re looking for an expert to tell you 10 ways to declutter your house, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you want support from a community of like-minded families, we’ve got you. If you’re looking for minimalist decorating advice and how-tos for creating the perfect white box empty house, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you’re dying to see how real people actually create simple homes AND live in them, we’ve got you. 

This is a community for you, because it was created by people like you. So if you’re ready for a Cohesive Home, join us on Instagram at @cohesive_home or sign up for the newsletter.